Do you work with all insurance companies?

Yes, we work will all insurance companies.

My insurance company recommends a handful of auto body shops but I’d rather have Glenbard fix my vehicle.  Do I have a choice?

Yes, who you chose as a repair shop is 100% your choice.  You are not bound to the companies they suggest whatsoever and we work with all insurance companies.

Is all your work and parts guaranteed?

Yes.  All of our work and parts are guaranteed outside of normal wear and tear.  Please contact us directly for a full warranty description.

How long will my repairs take?

This is difficult to estimate but it will of course depend on the nature of the repair.  While speed is a priority, our first consideration is quality so an exact estimate of the time it will take will vary.

Do you offer rental car service?

Yes. We partner with Enterprise and Budget who will pick you up from our location.

Do you offer any type of after hours towing?

Yes. Call (630) 627-4466 for 24/7 towing to our shop. The tow truck driver will collect keys and your basic information so one of our staff members can get in contact with you as soon as the shop re-opens.